6:00pm-11:00pm Cruise The Pits™ 2020


Cruise The Pits™ 2020

“What are you doing tonight. . .wanna cruise the pits?”

“Cruising The Pits” is an Owosso tradition that goes back all the way to the 1950’s. Back before the internet, cell phones, and social media.It was a time when for many, a car was an extension of their personality.  

It started as a way for kids to socialize and show off their cars. In 2016 a grass roots effort was made to bring Cruising The Pits back.  In 2017 a committee of 15 local business owners and public officials was convened to plan for the return of cruising in Owosso.  With the generous support of many local businesses, Cruise The Pits™ is back for 2020!

The “pits” were four streets that encircled the blocks north of M-21.  At that time a pizza parlor named El Forno was on that block and was know to hire the best-looking guys and girls from around the area. Young folks would cruise as slow as possible by the pizza parlor in an attempt to see or be seen by the workers and patrons.  It was an era of Detroit muscle, 8 track tape players, and bell bottom jeans.  Cruising low and slow in a suped-up car was the thing to do.

For nearly a year now our 15 member board has been working very hard with, and has secured full support of our great city, chamber of commerce, and law enforcement to put together a trip down memory lane that will be a successful and memorable annual event.  Cruise The Pits™ is a very marketable brand and is very well known by many for miles around.  Our Friday cruise and Saturday car show will be a free event for cruisers spectators and those entering their classics in the show, all thanks to our gracious and very important sponsors.  We have also been blessed with full support of Back to the Bricks committee who have provided us with the groundwork and support to become a partner in car event success, we were overwhelmed with the help and look forward to following their lead.  “Cruise The Pits” is now our official TM trademark and for our sponsors we have non profit status.   We will be selling some official Merchandise to support a local charity, we are very busy planning and want to extend our thanks to the community for supporting this effort and remind everyone to come downtown on Friday night July 17th bring your cars or lawn chairs to watch the cars take us back to a time when cars were cool and gas was cheap. And don’t forget the car show Saturday morning on north Washington and the extended farmers market running until 3 that day.  See you in the drivers seat…